About ICIN

What Is ICIN?

Since 1989 the ICIN series of conferences has been bringing together leading telecom and internet experts from industry, universities and government worldwide. ICIN operates on a rigorous peer review process and has become the established industry forum for addressing intelligence in Information and Communications Technology (ICT). ICIN conferences are renowned for their debates on the impact of emerging technology, architecture and industry trends on intelligent communications services.

ICIN has an enviable track record of identifying key technology and service trends – and analysing their impact on business models – before they become widely recognized.

ICIN conferences cover both technology and business issues. They typically feature one day of tutorials followed by a three day programme in which delegates can select state-of-the-art presentations by worldwide leading industry experts. ICIN is well-known for thought-provoking presentations of the highest quality on emerging technology, architecture, and industry trends impacting intelligent communications services.

The ICIN Community

ICIN provides a unique impartial environment for open and honest technical dialogue in the area of intelligent communications services.

This is acknowledged by the many professional engineering and scientific societies worldwide that have supported ICIN over the years. The conferences are both intimate and global, typically attracting 150 delegates from operators, equipment and software vendors, systems integrators, R&D centres and universities, from more than 30 countries.

The ICIN community brings together experts from all sectors of the ICT industry to share knowledge, experience, lessons learnt and good practice. The community not only includes many influential thinkers but is also well known for its willingness to explore new ideas and business models.

Who Should Attend?

  • Operators involved in transforming their networks and business models into the world of internet based services and web 2.0
  • Vendors with innovative products and services who want to address new markets and new partnerships
  • Academics who are interested in applying their ideas to real-world cutting edge scenarii
  • Regulators and consultants who would like to keep up with the latest developments in the communications industry
  • Anyone wanting to network with the people in the industry who are leading the development of the latest products and services

Who You Will Meet *

Who You Will Hear From **

*  based on attendees at ICIN 2011
** based on ICIN 2011 accepted papers

Why Attend?

  • Attend presentations of the highest quality papers which have been refereed by industry experts
  • Exposure to new technological trends and innovative ideas from worldwide experts
  • Interact with operators, academics and vendors working with the latest technology
  • Develop personal relationships with the leading technical minds in the industry

Key Features that Distinguish ICIN are:

  • No marketing pitches – a hype-free zone
  • Focus on the service layer
  • Full papers are provided not just presentations
  • Results from R&D organisations in operators, academia and government labs
  • All papers are peer reviewed, thus guaranteeing highest quality
  • Brings together fixed, mobile, and internet communities

Contact Information

Correspondence address:
4 Résidence de Galande
92320 Châtillon

Tel: +33 (0) 9 54 68 42 41