Monday 8 October – Tutorials

09:00 - Tutorial 1 – A look at the IP Multimedia Sub-system (IMS) What is it and where is it moving?

Presenter: Dr Marie-Mélisandre Tromparent (Telefonica Deutschland, Germany)

IMS, IP Multimedia Subsystem, is a standardized architecture still under development which aims at defining a framework for the provision of multimedia services over IP networks, independently from the access technology. It covers the implementation of services itself but also lots of operational aspects which are of prime importance for a network or service provider (e.g. charging, provisioning, network management, etc.). This tutorial primarily intends to provide the attendees with a solid background about IMS including positioning of IMS in the telecommunication landscape, standardization bodies involved, functional components, security framework and charging concepts.

09:00 - Tutorial 2 – SOA for the Service Network

Presenter: Martin Cookson and Anders Lundqvist (BEA, Sweden)

The SOA for the Service Network tutorial is aimed to give the audience technical knowledge on what SOA is, how SOA technology fits in the telecom network environment and what modifications are needed to handle the network requirements. Telcos are converging on using SOA for service delivery in relation to the network as well as the traditional IT aspects of their systems estate. The tutorial will cover architecture, organization and governance, service enablement and other SOA initiatives relevant to the service network.

14:00 - Tutorial 3 – Web 2.0 in an IMS Environment

Presenter: Dr Thomas Magedanz and Niklas Blum (Fraunhofer Institut FOKUS, Germany)

This tutorial provides an overview of the Internet evolution towards Web 2.0 and introduction of the 3GPP IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) as a service delivery platform for IP-based multimedia services on top of converging fixed and mobile networks (FMC). The different IMS application server options, namely CAMEL, OSA/Parlay and SIP Application Servers will be introduced as well as the general linkage of the IMS Core and the IMS application layer towards 3rd party applications in the Internet that make use of Web 2.0 principles.

14:00 - Tutorial 4 – Foundations of the NGN Security with the Case Studies of IMS Security and Identity Management

Presenter: Dr Igor Faynberg and Dr Hui-Lan Lu (Alcatel-Lucent, USA)

This tutorial is self-contained; its major goal is to demystify the complex subject of network security, and, at the same time, provide up-to-date information on the major developments in NGN security IMS security and Identity Management in particular.