ICIN 2008 Keynote Speakers


Dr Kou Miyake

Director of NTT Service Integration Laboratories, JP

Dr. Kou Miyake received B.S. and M.S. degrees in mathematics and a Dr. Eng. degree from Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan. Since joining the NTT Electrical Communication Laboratories, he has been active in network design and traffic engineering for satellite communications networks, packet-switched networks, and broadband communication networks. He has also been responsible for the development of the Next Generation Network architecture and system engineering in NTT R&D Labs. He was the president of NTT Data Intelli-link Corporation.

He is currently the director of the NTT Service Integration Laboratories. He has been an active participant in ITU-T Study Group 13 and he was a board member of Multi-service Switching Forum (MSF).


Agustin Núñez-Castaín

Formerly Handsets and Services Innovation Director at Telefónica España, ES

Mr. Nunez-Castain was with Telefonica Espana for nearly 18 years. From 1990 until 1999 he was COO of Telefonica Sistemas and in 2000 he joined Telefonica Moviles as Director of the Platforms and Services division. From January 2006 until recently he led the Handsets and Services group and was responsible for the Innovation and Product Management team. Prior to Telefonica, Mr Nunez-Castain was an aerospace manager at Entel and a spacecraft operation engineer at the European Space Agency (ESA). He is a supporter of open environments, having been the main driver of Open Movilforum (http://open.movilforum.com) the initiative inside Telefonica Espana to generate a cooperative environment with third parties.


David Pecota

Director of Industry Solutions for Microsoft Communications Sector Western Europe, EMEA

David Pecota partners with executives at operators, service providers and media & entertainment clients in Western Europe to help them win leadership in new business opportunities and to operate with unparalleled profitability. David has over 10 years of experience in a technology leadership role within the internet, media and telecommunications markets.